waterloop #22: Vaughn Hagerty on GenX in Wilmington's Water

Updated: May 15

Vaughn Hagerty is the Public Information Officer for the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority in Wilmington, North Carolina.

In this episode Vaughn discusses the discovery that GenX, a PFAS chemical, was dumped into the Cape Fear River for nearly 40 years by Chemours, a DuPont spin-off company, and ended up in local drinking water. He talks about the community’s response, the agreement reached with Chemours, and the $43 million the utility is spending to upgrade water treatment. Vaughn also explains his decision to join Cape Fear PUA after being a reporter that broke the story and how it has approached communication with customers in Wilmington. This episode of waterloop is brought to you by High Sierra Showerheads, the smart, stylish choice for conserving water, energy, and money while enjoying an invigorating shower. Use promo code waterloop for 20 percent off at