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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The story of water is intimately intertwined with our story… as a planet, as a civilization, and as individuals. We live on a giant blue sphere, with water as the foundation of life. The history of humanity is inextricably linked to water, from our evolutionary origins in the sea to the building of communities on rivers and coasts. Our bodies need water to survive and being around water, in one way or another, helps us thrive.

Water is also a central part of my personal story. I’ve had a profound attraction to water my entire life -- an overwhelming desire to be by, on, or in that magical liquid. I felt this during my childhood as a swimmer and throughout college years living by the beach. It’s at the core of the deep passion I have for surfing and why I like the immersive experience of diving. As a parent, I realize the importance of clean water for my children’s health and I want them to enjoy the same joyful relationship with water.

I launched waterloop as a place to share my thoughts and experiences and to have conversations about water. The content will be wide-ranging, but mostly focus on oceans and coasts, with angles of sustainability, science, climate change, marine life, and surfing and other recreation. I’ll feature water culture in books, art, movies, and music.

The waterloop audience can shape the content. Ideas, opinions, and feedback are welcomed. I hope the perspectives and dialogues on waterloop are informative, entertaining, and inspirational, and that they add to our collective story of water and enrich my own.

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