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Resource rich

The podcast is engaging, educational & thought-provoking. As a citizen water advocate and public policy professional I can find out best practices that let me know my small, rural water system and community aren't alone. We can have high expectations for our system owners & ourselves.

Exceptional Stories, Guests, Content

Podcasts are always insightful, and the diversified subjects span the whole water sector. The productions and content are professionally produced which reflects the pride of the organization.

Authentic and Entertaining

Plugged in to the hot topics in water with great guests.



Informative, entertaining content in a critical industry

Industry focused content can be dry and boring. Travis and his team make technical, pressing subjects digestible and entertaining. A worthwhile listen for anyone in the water industry!

Timely and informative

Water is so important. It’s what sustains life. Lack of it causes conflicts, prevents habitable areas on Earth and prevents us from living on other planets.