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#179: The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons On Health

This episode is part of a series The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons From A Contaminated Cape Fear. The forever chemicals were dumped in the North Carolina river for nearly 40 years before being discovered. The series explores how a community responds when it is the epicenter of PFAS pollution.

This episode is about health.

The emergence of PFAS has epidemiologists and toxicologists working to understand the health impacts. Researchers in North Carolina are on the leading edge of the science and in this episode Dr. Jane Hoppin of North Carolina State University and Dr. Jamie DeWitt of East Carolina University discuss what is known about human health impacts.

They talk about studying the blood of people in the Cape Fear region and finding higher levels of PFAS than the average American, communicating those results to people, and sharing recommendations for monitoring health moving forward. Jane and Jamie share what they have learned as researchers and offer advice for other scientists working on PFAS.

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