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Demo of Varuna resilience tool for water systems

Watch a demo of the Varuna resilience tool with CEO and Co-Founder Seyi Fabode.

Varuna is the decision intelligence tool that enables water systems to be more resilient.

The factors that go into running water systems are more dynamic than ever, but the tools for making decisions are still static.

That’s why Varuna built a resilience tool that uncovers blind spots, identifies risks, and generates insights, which are presented in a user-friendly dashboard.

There are many risks that water systems have to mitigate. While EPA identifies 10 vectors of risk that utilities should track, the Varuna resilience tool captures 26, including system, internal, and external risks.

The tool allows operators to take immediate actions and leaders to make long-term strategic decisions, and is especially helpful for smaller systems.

With Varuna, better data means better decisions.

Learn more about Varuna at https://varuna.city

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