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The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons From A Contaminated Cape Fear

How does a community respond when it is the epicenter of pollution by PFAS, the forever chemicals that persist in the environment and pose a risk to human health?

waterloop is producing a multimedia series to explore the story of PFAS in the Cape Fear River and the community of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The focus will be on the response, the lessons learned, and the solutions…

The series will feature episodes on these topics…

The science - what is known about PFAS in the environment and what is the prognosis for the Cape Fear River?

The drinking water - how has the Wilmington utility handled the problem and what treatment is in place to remove PFAS?

The community - how do local organizations get involved and advocate for changes?

The public’s health - how do researchers study the presence and impacts of PFAS on people in the area?

The cleanup - what responsibility does the polluter have and how is the flow of PFAS being addressed?

These questions and more will be answered by waterloop’s series of podcasts and videos exploring the response and solutions to one of today’s toughest water challenges.

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