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waterloop #127: A Battleship Lives With Water

Wilmington, North Carolina is home to the USS North Carolina, a retired World War II battleship that is open as a museum that draws over a quarter of a million visitors each year and serves as a memorial to the North Carolinians who died in the war. But now this special piece of American history faces an unlikely challenge - water. That’s because blue sky flooding, made increasingly frequent by sea level rise, is impacting visitor access to the battleship. The path forward is a Living With Water approach that will convert flooded parking lots into wetland, capture stormwater from the remaining parking area, and restore a natural shoreline.

The Battleship North Carolina project is discussed by Captain Terry Bragg, Executive Director of the Battleship North Carolina; Dawn York, Senior Coastal Scientist at Moffatt and Nichol; Jenny Davis, Research Ecologist at NOAA National Ocean Service; and Rami Diaz, Senior Project Designer at Waggonner & Ball.

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