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waterloop #131: The Resilience Of Navajo Nation (A Pass The Mic Episode)

The water challenges are serious for Navajo Nation, including one in three families lacking running water, impacts of climate change straining the land, and legacy pollution tainting some sources. But a spirit of resilience and leadership from within are steadily leading Navajo Nation toward a more sustainable water future.

A focus on solutions instead of obstacles is also key, as discussed in this Pass The Mic episode, which is guest hosted by Emma Robbins, Executive Director of the Navajo Water Project at DigDeep.

Emma speaks with Crystal Tulley-Cordova, Principal Hydrologist at the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources, about her experience growing up in a home without running water, her journey as a woman in science and government, her belief in collaboration and partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to helping her community.

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