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Solution Search: A Summary of Wetlands Work! in Cambodia

Wetlands Work! in Cambodia provides low maintenance wastewater treatment solutions using natural microbial processes. Our original designs improve human health and aquatic ecosystems, create new local jobs and use urine as organic fertilizer and fecal waste as a soil supplement. Our focus is on sanitation in challenging environments where pit latrines and septic tanks are inappropriate usually due to high water, such as floating villages, floodplains, mangroves, sandy beaches, impermeable clay soils and remote ecotourist sites. We have developed a unique simple technology, the HandyPod, and a behavior change program to promote sustainable market-driven scale-up by local people.

WW! presently works at two World Heritage/Ramsar lake sites in Cambodia and Myanmar with a total floating and floodplain population of 1.23 million people.

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